2001: A Space Odyssey

I am still in Burbank, California



I want to make machines, which exist in only science fictions. We can use our current technology although It may not enough for the full scale products. Please, feel free to add your design  for these man's imaginary things by sending e-mail to design at wildcataerospace dot com. Every e-mail asks to put sender's zip code in the brackets at the beginning of its message title block. 

If you are interested to build any of these items with the recommended parts, please, send the e-mail to quot at wildcataerospace dot com.  The regular my service charge is 40 dollars per hour.


Millennium Falcon in Star Wars


All Terrain Recon Transport in Star Wars


TIE Interceptor in Star Wars


RDK Scorpion Gunship in Avatar


UH-144 Falcon in Halo: Reach


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Robotmania (South Korea)




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